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Edition Portfoliokasette in DIN A4 Format, limitierte Herstellung, Necdet Yildirim

Die Portfoliobox ist die edelste Variante der Bildarchivierung und Bildaufbewahrung. Sie ist die ideale Präsentationsform für Fotografien, Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Drucke oder Graphiken. Erhälltlich in den Formaten DIN-A5, DIN-A4, DIN-A3 und in vielen Buchleinenfarben

It is an ancient Mongolian belief that the dust which gets whirled up high into the sky during the Mongolian traditional horse races turns into shimmering gold on its way back down to earth. Getting in touch with it will bring you fortune, success and strengthen your spirit.

At the finishing line of these races you will see spectators struggling and fighting to get in contact with this dust which gets caught in the sweaty fur of the animals all along the race.

THOS’ lucky sweater is a limited edition line of 20 sweaters per year which are actually worn during these horse races collecting some of this precious dust to give its wearer the spiritual vigor for years to come.